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Sherp Visits River Run Mardi Gras Ride
By hambone450
on Feb 12th, 2018
223 5K 17:33

Curtis and the gang from Cycle Town South brought a Sherp ATV/UTV to River Run during the Mardi Gras ride to demo for the people what the machine can do and let them see what one looks like first hand. I was impressed as I have been since first seeing them on YouTube years back. Curtis was basically only allowed to play in some of the water holes from the entrance of the park to the highline so I tried to get footage of him and his crew hitting a few of the holes. The more I saw of the machine and heard of what he said the machine can do the more I became interested. The Sherp felt at home down at River Run with its natural obstacles and having plenty of water to play in. For more information on the Sherp ATV call or visit Curtis at Cycle Town South:


For more information on River Run visit their Facebook page or website as listed below:


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