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Mardi Gras Go Pro Karma Grip
By AwesomeDocumentary
on Nov 28th, 2017
1239 2M 08:45

http://www.primecutpro.com Mardi Gras is a lots of fun but lots of hard work goes in to making this epic party possible. It all starts in China where millions of plastic throw beads, feather boas, plush toys, party hats, bouncy balls, tee shirts, cups, glow sticks, and other custom party apparel are given away thrown over. We get most of our stuff from Mardi Gras Imports But there are several other big time suppliers. https://mardigrasimports.com
Hundreds of thousands of King cakes are prepared for Mardi Gras most with the little plastic baby hidden some where underneath. https://freeforadventure.com/ref/AwesomeDoc/

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