Emotional service pets Delta cracking down on fake emotional service animals TomoNews
By TomoNews US
on Jan 23rd, 2018
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Delta is tightening its regulations for passengers who travel with emotional-service pets. If an airline as crappy as Delta is doing something, it must be a problem.

Delta says its seen a big uptick in incidents involving poorly trained animals since 2016. More and more the airline is getting complaints of animals taking a leak, dropping deuces and even biting other passengers.

Starting on March 1, passengers traveling with service pets need to show Delta proof of health or vaccinations for the animal 48 hours before flying.

People traveling with emotional- or psychological-support animals will need a signed note from a doctor confirming the animal wont go berserk.

In the past, Delta said passengers who have tried to use turkeys, possums, snakes and even spiders as support pets.

From now on, if youre looking to bring hedgehogs, ferrets, insects, rodents, snakes spiders, possums, amphibians, non-household fowl or animals with horns, tusks or hooves on a flight, youre going to have to find someone other than Delta.

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